100 years of experience - Science at the service of feet

Scholl’s founder Dr William Mathias Scholl wanted to understand the structure and biomechanics of feet in relation to the body - and his passion and values still live with the brand today.

Putting science at the heart of inventing and developing products, in 1912 William Scholl founded the Illinois College of Chiropody and Orthopaedics.  He offered free foot examinations and created an Annual National Foot Comfort Week too.

In the 60s the brand boomed, with celebrities like Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton wearing Scholl sandals – turning them into a renowned style and comfort icon.

William Scholl passed away in 1968, aged 86. His lifelong quest: "How to improve people's comfort, health and well-being by caring for their feet?" was left to his company.  Scholl's history continues with its founder's same passion and philosophy – to improve the health, comfort and well-being of people by caring for their feet.